Objectivism Made Easy

Still basking in the excitement of completing an SFL Academy course? Confident you now understand the guiding principles of a free society?

Don’t get too comfortable! We’re adding new SFL Academy courses all the time. Right now, you can study two areas of libertarian thought in greater depth with our new offerings: Freedom of Expression and Introduction to Objectivism.

Introduction to objectivism is an online course produced by Students For Liberty and the Atlas Society in which you will learn about Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged and her work in philosophy, culture, and politics. Rand was, as she put it: an advocate of capitalism as the moral ideal. Her thought helped shape the modern libertarian movement.

The Freedom of Expression course explores the free speech debate from a standpoint of open intellectual inquiry, and with this, you will be able to learn how to make the case for free expression to anyone and everyone. You will be able to articulate the ideas of free speech in a way that will command the respect of seasoned scholars and your professors.

Remember the SFL Academy site has gone social. You will be able to earn points and badges for completing activities throughout SFL Academy to compete with other freedom fighters around the world, add other SFLers from around the world as friends to chat and check each other’s progress in the community, as well as connect with other activists who have common interests, share ideas, and collaborate in groups.

Coming soon: Get major discounts on SFL events like this year’s international conference, LibertyCon, when you complete your first SFL Academy course! Get started now.


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