Andreas Ipsen

Andreas Ipsen

“ESFL is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and see new places – all while promoting liberty and making the world a better place.”

Position: National Coordinator

Country/State: Denmark

School: Technical University of Denmark

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Andreas is a student of space physics and enginering at the Technical University of Denmark. He has been with ESFL since 2015, where he became a local coordinator. Eventhough he is studying engineering he is also enthusiastic about politics, philosophy and economy. It is this interest that originally drove him to join ESFL.
He says the following about why he supports liberty: “”I believe that most people can and should control their own lives. We don’t need anyone else to make choices for us and we shouldn’t be dependent on other peoples good will in all parts of life. Hardship is an essential part of life. The people who drive society forwards – the entrepreneurs – have all experienced hardship at some point. They wouldn’t be where they were, if someone had told them how to live and held their hand all the way.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Ayn Rand, Hayek.