Anna Shnaidaman

Anna Shnaidaman

“Although most of Israel’s liberals dislike the idea of following a leader, we need some dominant figures, with charm and charisma who will help us spread ideas and inspire others. The liberal ideology is probably the only agenda that requires thinking. Our leaders need to be able to inspire others to think and break their old paradigms, and only than to expose them to the liberal ideas. Therefore, as I believe, ESFL gives an opportunity to learn and teach other activists to find their way to be that inspirational leaders.”

Position: Regional Director for Souther Europe

Country/State: Israel

School: Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Anna is finishing masters in Political Communication at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. She graduated with an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Film & TV from the Tel Aviv University in 2008. She works full time as ad traffic manager and producer in an advertising company; Anna is member of ESFL since 2014 and today she is the regional director for southern Europe. She is also member of the Israeli chapter of LOLA (Ladies of liberty alliance).

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Alexander McCobin, Jeffrey A. Tucker, Frédéric Bastiat