Božidar Vidanović

Božidar Vidanović

“ESFL is a hope for liberty all over Europe, for open societies. ESFL educates new leaders and capable people who can change things in their own countries. Active, energy, free, responsible, great events, meet new people, get new knowledge, be the next generation of liberty. That’s ESFL.”

Position: Senior Local Coordinator

Country/State: Serbia

School: Law Faculty Niš

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Božidar is a law student and entrepreneur from Nš, Serbia. He finished general education Gimnasium Niš and worked as a Secretary in Liberal Democratic Party of Serbia in City of Niš, also was liberty activist in party and involved in all campaigns. After quitting LDP because authocracy of party leader, he worked as a Seceretary of the Members of the City Parliament for Independent local movement. Also worked in private sector: finances and printing firms. In January 2017 he started to be entrepreneur by founding Agency for managing real estate as a co-owner and administration manager. Božidar joined ESFL in 2014 as Local Coordinator and now he is Senior Local Coordinator. He joined ESFL as a great advocate of more free society, free economy and free people.

Favorite Figures in Liberty:
Milton Friedman, Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher.