Christophe Seltzer

Christophe Seltzer

“Panarchy can finally begin with blockchain technology.”

Position: Regional Director for France (and French Speaking)

Country/State: France

School: Life

Email: [email protected]

Bio: “Christophe could have ended as a civil servant. Howard Roark saved him. Christophe still learns many things everyday, much more than what diplomas can bring you. However, he used to be a student. After a baccalaureate in Literature, he studied Philosophy, History, Sociology, Economics, etc. for two years in “”Khâgne/Hypokhâgne”” – a preparatory class. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political sciences and a master’s degree in public affairs from ISMaPP. He also investigated business intelligence and he’s a part of the Tocqueville fellowship after some weeks spent in Washington DC meeting libertarian grassroots movements and think tanks. While he was interning in France, first in the right wing political party and then in two administrations (Ministry of the Interior, Budget Department of the Ministry of the Economy), he was a founder member of Students for Liberty – Paris, then a national coordinator for Students for Liberty in France. He’s devoted his life as an hacktivist. Most of the time leading SFL’s development in France, trying to help abroad as well. Especially focused on some specific projects like the Free Startup Project (libertarian startup weekends) or as a connector – underground philosopher, for young people without diplomas. He’s also working for GenerationLibre as a community developer, – a libertarian think-tank in France. He’s also trying to gather different people or organizations for libertarian coalitions, projects, right now or in the long run. He’s constantly doing politics, without any coercive institution’s support.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Frédéric Bastiat, Blaise Pascal, Howard Roark, Murray Rothbard, Saint Augustin, Peter Thiel, Pavel Durov, Antigone