Gaga Tutarashvili

Gaga Tutarashvili

“Hundreds of people, connected to each other, it’s simply an unimaginable chance to spread the ideas of liberty through the world. We are morally obligated to do everything possible against governments’ injustice and that is why I am here.”

Position: Local Coordinator

Country/State: Georgia

School: Ilia State University

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Gaga is a 4th year student at Ilia State University Law School. He is interested in public law, constitutional law, politics and economics. Years ago, he started working with several youth organizations for ideas of democracy, limited government and education about constitution – in Georgian schools. Last two years, he worked with several non-profit organizations concentrated on drug policy and human rights in Georgia. This year Gaga started his work with Tolerance and Diversity Institute about freedom of religion in Georgia.

Gaga believes that standing for liberty is an ultimate obligation for all. If the society will stand together for freedom and humanity, Georgia will soon find its’ way to prosperity, economic growth, limited government and stronger institutions. Gaga became a local coordinator in 2016 May, after that he was actively working with Georgian Students for Liberty.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Ronald Reagan.