Merima Bećirović

Merima Bećirović

“The reason I want to get more involved in student activism for liberty is because I see a brighter future in liberty, and I want to be part of it. I see myself as person who will get together all people who believe in liberty and see power in liberty.”

Position: Regional Director for Southern Europe

Country/State: Bosnia and Herzegovina

School: University of Tuzla

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Merima is a student at University of Tuzla currently working towards her Bachelors degree in economics. She is also a Project Coordinator at Citizens Association Multi. After listening many lectures about liberty she decided to apply to become a part of European Students For Liberty. After a leadership seminar in Gummersbach in 2015 she became Local Coordinator at SFL. The more she was studying about economy, the more she became interested in economic freedom and liberty.

Favorite Figures in Liberty:
Milton Friedman
Henry Hazlitt