Local Coordinator Program, SFL Australia/NZ


The Students For Liberty Local Coordinator Program is the premier program for actively advancing the ideas of free markets and individual liberty on college campuses. SFL Local Coordinators (LCs) are on the front lines in the battle for liberty. They are the muscle of the movement, empowering students in their areas to defend the ideas of liberty. This highly competitive program seeks out strong student leaders and community organizers to spread the ideas of a free society from the grassroots level by starting new pro-liberty student groups, organizing events to promote the ideas of liberty, resourcing student groups and identifying and mentoring other pro-liberty students.

As on-the-ground SFL representatives, LCs are given great flexibility in fulfilling their duties. They do not receive strong top-down orders, but are instead encouraged and expected to use their local knowledge to create and provide support for liberty-advancing groups in their region. Some of these responsibilities include organizing SFL conferences, creating and hosting leadership forums, distributing SFL resources on campus, assisting local leaders with their groups, and helping individuals start their own campus groups. SFL selects the top student leaders top become Local Coordinators. Newly selected LCs go through a comprehensive training program to learn how to grow the student movement for liberty in their area. During the school year, LCs are given the resources, infrastructure, and support to liberate the campuses in their region.

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