“A Freer & Saner Society” Why You Should Check Out Liberty in Africa

Continuing our drive to ensure that students participate in the Liberty in Africa course, here’s a look at what  those who have already taken the course and evaluated themselves, had to say about  their experience.

Here is what Aderemi has to say about Liberty in Africa:

“The African Liberty course is an opener at understanding some basic tenets of a free and just society in Africa.

The course afforded me the opportunity to understand African culture and the role colonialism played on African society and development. The lecture on cronyism aided an insightful analysis on how government and their loyalists underpin the actual doctrine of liberty by engaging in a loyalty-reward economic theory which many misconstrue as a capitalist setting.

It is more revealing on various economic theories and shaped my mindset to be able to channel ideas and strengthen for the cause ahead.

Liberty in Africa is really an approach at understanding and knowing the basic necessities of a freer and saner society.”

-Aderemi Ojekunle, NIGERIA

Are you  interested in participating in the local coordinator training taking place in August? If so, give Liberty in Africa a look! The course is a great  prerequisite to the Local Coordinator training and will give you some background on the ideas you’ll be digging into as an LC.

Register now to make sure you’re as successful as possible as an SFL Local Coordinator! The deadline is August 31st.


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