SFL Academy is Back
(New & Improved)

The SFL Academy re-launch is here! We are genuinely excited to reveal that SFL Academy has undergone a major facelift and has been redeveloped to improve your learning experience and expand into some exciting new social features. This move is intended to ensure that our student leaders across the world can access SFL’s academic courses in a simple and engaging way, while interacting with each other.

It has also been optimized for mobile view, so you have the choice to study on the go, and take the ideas of liberty with you wherever you are.

On the social side, you can now add other SFLers as friends within SFL Academy, share your thoughts about trainings and courses with your peers in the groups, and also earn points to compete with everyone in the website. We also plan to launch new features every month to the academy — so look out for some exciting additions in the coming months.

Take the course.

Also brand new, our fifth SFL Academy course, just launched today: “Introduction to Objectivism.” Produced in partnership with The Atlas Society, this course outlines the philosophy of Objectivism by exploring four themes within Ayn Rand’s distinctive philosophy: Philosophy, Reason, Envy, and Love.  In this course, you will be able to test your knowledge and discuss with other participants, the foundational ideas of Objectivism.

Check out the new course here!

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