Elon Musk is the Donald Trump of e-mobility πŸ”ŒπŸš—

Elon Musk is the Donald Trump of e-mobility πŸ”ŒπŸš—

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TRANSPORTATION β€” 5 reasons Elon Musk is the Donald Trump of e-mobility – Daniel Fallenstein on ftn.media: The Tesla CEO is a lot like the American president.

EDUCATION β€” Cut costs, not corners – James Tooley on capx.co: β€œIf it works in Sierra Leone, couldn’t it work in the UK?”

HUMANITY β€” Biblical – George Gallatin on quillette.com: β€œToday’s frenzied politics are a direct result of malfunctioning mimesis systems. Additionally, these systems are the most broken for the youngest cohort of society. ”

HEALTH β€” Computer vision – Emily Waltz on spectrum.ieee.org: β€œVisual prosthesis to be implanted in five patients with retinal disease.”

TECHNOLOGY β€” Marc Scapegoatberg – Tyler Cowen on bloomberg.com: β€œI am worried that the exaggerated rancor against Facebook will become an excuse to renege on principles of free speech.”

INNOVATION β€” Efficency gains – Larry Hardesty on futurism.com: β€œNew code offers a 100-fold speed increase. The system is called Taco, for tensor algebra compiler.”

NATURE β€” Dark skies – Brantley Hargrove on wired.com: β€œSupertornado simulations just might be the breakthrough needed to figure out how the world’s worst twisters work.”

CULTURE β€” Corked – aeon.co: β€œA hugely satisfying portrait of production, this short documentary observes workers in Spain’s La Mancha region as they harvest cork from a quercus suber (commonly known as a cork oak).”

Photo by Chad Kirchoff on Unsplash

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