Students For Liberty Now in Russia

On the 3rd of February, Vera Kichanova, a local coordinator with European Students For Liberty and a journalist and civil rights activist from Russia, held a webinar for young Russians interested in joining our liberty movement. “For years, my pro-liberty friends have been asking me: if Russia has such a strong libertarian movement, why isn’t there a Students For Liberty chapter in Russia? Well, now there is,” says Vera.

In order to provide an overview of how to do liberty activism in an unfree country, Vera also invited our activists from other post-Soviet countries, Ukraine and Belarus. Around 20 Russians attended this online meeting and 8 received free tickets for the biggest libertarian gathering in Europe, LibertyCon 2018, which will take place from April, 13th to 15th in Belgrade, Serbia.

Yet the most outstanding thing about the webinar is that five activists have already applied to become student leaders with European Students For Liberty and a Students For Liberty Russia group was created in Vkontakte, a major Russian social network. The first step of the newly established group is the translation of the Liberty 101 course into Russian, which will help Russian people discover the ideas of liberty.

Check out the video here.

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