Africa: February 2018 Update

February was quite a busy month at African Students For Liberty with couple of Leadership Fora, campus events, discussions, and the sprouting of new student group. Highlights include:

Leadership Forum in Kenya: Held on the 17th of February at Tangaza University College, the Kenya Leadership Forum brought together local coordinators in the country to discuss growth plans, staying active as leaders of liberty, libertarian issues and thoughts, and issues affecting the region.  Bekit Teklemariam, ASFL Executive Board member charged the leaders to remain active with current realities.


Group photo from Kenya Leadership Forum

Nigeria Leadership Forum: SFL Nigeria held the second phase of its Leadership Forum on the 24th of February at Simeon Adebo Library, Abeokuta. Banke Oloba, a law lecturer and a local coordinator with ASFL spoke on Liberty and the Rule of Law using Nigeria as a focal point.  Oloba explained that in a sane society, individuals should be free to express their freedoms, abilities without restraints, and the law should exist to protect the rights of individuals. Oluwafemi Ogunjobi, SFL’s African Programs Associate talked to the audience on how new media is an effective tool for activism.

National Coordinator, Don Elvis Ibeh speaking at Nigeria Leadership Forum

Group photo from Nigeria Leadership Forum









Leaders of the new ASFL group at ISFOP-Benin University


New ASFL group at Benin Republic: African Students For Liberty is pleased to welcome a new group at ISFOP University, Benin Republic, Cotonou to the SFamiLy! The group held its inauguration event 02nd March, with plans to reach out to more neighbouring schools in the coming weeks.

Discursive forum in Ghana: SFL Ghana, in collaboration with the University of Health and Allied Sciences organised “STEP UP 2018”, a discursive forum to educate young people on human rights, freedom, leadership capacities. The team led by Eric Coffie, also introduced new students to ASFL and free market ideas.

SFL Ghana team at ‘STEP UP’ event


Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp in Uganda:  The Liberty & Entrepreneurship camp was held from 9th through 10th February at the University of Kisubi, Uganda. The camp gathered 73 participants from Kenya & students from 12 institutions in Uganda, and representatives from Action for Liberty and Economic Development (ALED). Speakers from Language of Liberty Institute that included Adedayo Thomas, Andy Eyschen, Marina Brierly took turns to talk on economic freedom, principles of a free society, technology and human progress. Participants also received copies of  “Foundations of a free society “Morality of capitalism” books.

Rwanda: The leaders of the SFL Rwanda Clubs have decided to work as a team in 2018 by creating a national staff who will help to monitor and evaluate the annual strategic plan during the year 2018. The new members are determined to promote the ideas of freedom in the different campuses of Rwanda where they are all based.

Burundi: On February 11, 2018, SFL Burundi organized the last event of its “Empower the Next Generation Of Leaders” program at the Wisdom University of Africa, Asian campus where participants had the opportunity to learn about classical liberal ideas for the first time.

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