Africa: March 2018 Update

Leadership Fora in Malawi & Ghana: Held on Saturday, 24th March 2018 at the Little Theatre of University of Malawi’s main college campus, the Chancellor College in Zomba, the event brought together 43 students and recent graduates. The event which was hosted in partnership with the Centre for Free Market Enterprise, was organised with the aim to revamp SFL activities in Malawi which had been dormant since the successful hosting of ASFL Southern African Regional Conference in May 2015.

A participant sharing thoughts at Malawi Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum focused on introducing SFL and liberty ideals to new students and enlighten them on the opportunities in the SFL network. Linda Kavuka, ASFL Programs Manager spoke on the student movement for liberty in Africa, talking about the history of SFL in Africa. She charged the audience to take up leadership roles by applying into this year’s Local Coordinators Program. Peter Yakobe, CFME’s Executive Director and former SFL leader outlined what it means to be a student leader for liberty and expounded on leadership.

Similarly, on 1o March at Windy Lodge, Winneba Ghana, 60 students gathered for this year’s Leadership Forum in Ghana. Discussions at the event revolve around SFL’s Culture and Community, delivered by ASFL Programs Associate, Oluwafemi Ogunjobi; Liberty and Student Activism by Local Coordinator Eric Coffie and Event Organising by Executive Board member, Lilian David.

Participants at the Ghana Leadership Forum

Freedom & Christianity Project in Nigeria: Christian youths gathered in Owerri, the Imo State capital, to discuss how Nigeria can achieve economic prosperity. It was at a symposium co-hosted with Global African Christian For Liberty Initiative, a think-tank promoting the idea of liberty and economic freedom. No fewer than 70 youths from various tertiary institutions gathered for the event, which featured lectures and interactive session.

The objective of the event was to engage various denominations of Christians to employ virtues embedded in Christianity, with the aim to promote tolerance, peace and love. These virtues, the organisers said, are vital for building a prosperous nation.

The founder of the think-tank, and former SFL Leader Bishop Emeka Ezeugo, said Christianity enjoined every man to respect and tolerate his neighbours whether they share the same beliefs or not. He said the teachings of Christianity laid the foundation for peaceful coexistence among the people and paved the way for thriving businesses.

Bishop Ezeugo speaking at the event

Leadership Seminar Series in Rwanda & Burundi: How can young people fight for freedom? How do we promote classical liberal ideas to eradicate the barriers to prosperity and opportunities? These are questions that were answered at the Leadership Series event organised by SFL Great Lakes. Executive Board Member Aimable Manirakiza and National Coordinator Monia Wakana talked to students, young people on dedicate their energy to the fight for freedom and better living in their local communities.

Monia Wakana speaking to audience at the Leadership Series event at Rwanda

SFL Morocco at African Freedom Caravan: On March 22, SFL Morocco participated in the second edition of the African Freedom Caravan – a socioeconomic discourse to address and solve the challenges of unemployment. Speakers at the event include Nouh El Harmouzi, Ahlam Qafas and El Moussaoui Hicham.

SFL Morocco Leaders at the African Freedom Caravan event

ASFL Programs Manager Linda Kavuka representing ASFL at the Oslo Freedom Forum

ASFL at Oslo Freedom Forum: We were represented at the first Oslo Freedom Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa on March 26, gathering hundreds of activists, dissidents, technologists, entrepreneurs, journalists, policymakers, and philanthropists for a day of talks, workshops, demos, performances, and discussions aimed at strengthening the worldwide movement to advance freedom and democracy. ASFL was represented at the event by Programs Manager, Linda Kavuka. Highlights can be found here

Tabling event at Federal College of Education, Nigeria: A team of Nigerian LCs and volunteers led by West African Regional Director Moronfolu Adeniyi organised a tabling and awareness event at an orientation seminar held at the Federal College of Education Abeokuta.

ASFL Leaders at the tabling event

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