Call For Applications: SFL African Executive Board 2018-2019

African student leaders who have demonstrated incredible commitment to student organizing and who wish to advance SFL’s mission by expanding the libertarian community on the continent can now apply to the African Executive Board! Anyone who has contributed to the growth of the Liberty movement within the continent is also free to apply. This is a voluntary position therefore, applicants must be students of a tertiary institution in Africa or recent graduates of not more than three (3) years, who are willing to dedicate their time for a freer society.

SFL’s African Executive Board oversees the organization’s principal programs in Africa. AEB members are responsible for growing the student movement for liberty: providing resources to students across the continent, organizing regional conference and leadership fora, and helping develop leaders of liberty around the continent.

Board members may gain valuable skills in volunteer management, event planning, communications, programmatic execution, and non-profit operations. In light of this, only the most proven student leaders will have the opportunity to serve on the board, and as such admission to SFL’s African Executive Board is highly competitive. Participation on the board should be seen as an opportunity to make a meaningful difference, which carries significant responsibilities. The Executive Board requires a serious commitment and involves both collaborative group efforts with leaders thousands of miles away as well as individual work to complete projects and prepare events without heavy supervision.

Qualifications for the African Executive Board Include:

  • Must be a current student of a tertiary institution in Africa or a recent graduate of not more than three (3) years
  • Have at least one year of experience running a pro-liberty student group
  • Strongly identify with libertarianism and SFL’s mission
  • Strong self-motivation to complete projects with little oversight
  • Be able to demonstrate strong management ability, professional skills, and competency
  • A passion not only for the ideas of liberty but for organizing and leading to make the world a freer place

Application closes on the 27th of April, 2018. APPLY NOW

Good luck!


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