Gianluca Lorenzon: The Director of Debureaucratization

Gianluca Lorenzon: The Director of Debureaucratization

SFL alumnus Gianluca Lorenzon is working for freedom in Brazil- and succeeding. As a student, he was heavily involved in Students For Liberty and he ran the influential group Clube Farroupilha, a club dedicated to spreading the ideals of classical liberalism. With an interest in economics, he served as COO of Mises Brasil upon graduation, worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company, and is now Director of Debureaucratization in Brazil’s Ministry of Economy.  


In that role, he is truly making it easier for free people and free markets to thrive in Brazil. In August, the legislature of Brazil passed the Provisional Measure of Economic Freedom to make it law. This legislation aims to foster entrepreneurship in Brazil by reducing arbitrary and costly regulations that make it difficult to start a business. 

Lorenzon said “The Road is long, but we continue to liberalize Brazil.” According to the Secretary of Economic Policy from the Ministry of Economy the PM of Economic Freedom will increase GDP by 7% in the next 10 to 15 years and will reduce unemployment in 4%. SFL helped him make these changes. “Becoming a part of SFL was an opportunity to break new ground in the public debate. SFL not only gave me an opportunity to join a network that spreads the ideas of liberty, it is a network that is so rare in that it helped me grow professionally. With Students For Liberty, you’re going to learn skills that most universities won’t teach you.”


“If it wasn’t for the (SFL) network, I’d not have received the opportunity to grow as a manager and pivot into the private sector. As a law student, I was not interested in management but SFL is about managing talent, resources and teams. Although I’m a lawyer, my experience during my time with SFL helped me transition from law to management.”


With your help, we can continue to support students like Gianluca who can effect real change like this. In turn, he can help his country become a beacon for freedom in an area that is seeking hope. 

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