The resources on this page are meant to serve as a digital introduction to the ideas of left-libertarianism and a way kick-start your plans for left-libertarian activism and outreach. The printable zine collections are great for tabling and cover a wide range of issues central to the left-libertarian perspective. So take a look at those and check out the introductory "What is Left-Libertarianism" presentation, which you can also use to introduce the left-libertarian approach to your own student group.

Further down you'll find videos for use at group meetings, as well as some ideas for effective activism and events. All the resources on this page were compiled by SFL's North American Academic Programs Chair Cory Massimino.




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There are many ways to get involved with left-libertarian activism. If you just want to integrate left-libertarian issues into the campus activism your student group is already doing, it's a good idea to reach out to other student groups for a more powerful push.

Some areas where left-libertarians can find common cause with leftist or single-issue campus clubs are: LGBTQ+ rights/marriage equality/queer liberation; Anti-war/peace; Immigration/Defending the rights of immigrants; Drug prohibition; Feminism/pro-choice advocacy/women’s rights; Mutual aid/charity/DIY; Self-defense and anti-gun control; Addressing the overcrowded, abusive prison system. Here are a few ideas for activism around these issues to get you thinking: