Thaiz Batista

Thaiz Batista

SFL Brazil

SFL alumni’s efforts bring opportunity to Brazilian students

Thaiz Batista, a Students For Liberty alumni, helped bring a radical new program to SFL Brazil and is now working in her home country’s liberty movement at Mises Brazil.

Thaiz says that she grew up always thinking that “taxation is theft,” but she didn’t have a name for her political beliefs until she went to college and attended some study groups led by a libertarian professor.

It was at one of these study groups where Thaiz first met student leaders involved in SFL and this was how she was introduced and first became involved in the organization. Soon, she acquired a leadership position in SFL Brazil.

During her time as a student leader, Thaiz attended a seminar hosted by a partner organization in America and she thought, “I need to share this experience with more SFL students.”

She then created a Facebook group for SFL students in Brazil where she began sharing opportunities and offering to help with applications, visas, and everything else that comes with bureaucracy. In addition, she organized some crowdfunding efforts to help people with the costs. This effort became known as LiberTrip, helping Brazilian SFL students travel abroad to gain important skills.

Soon, LiberTrip had grown, people were being sent to attend seminars outside Brazil, and SFL students were receiving thousands of scholarships. Thaiz says it “started to snowball,” she had begun by helping other students, then they began helping each other, and then “everybody started helping everyone else.”

Today, Thaiz is working at Mises Brazil where she handles events and the fiscal side. As she says, “SFL was essential for me and for what I’m doing.” Reflecting on her time with SFL, Thaiz says, “SFL opened the door to discover what I have and how to go for it.”

We’re glad that Thaiz has helped shape SFL Brazil and is now employed to help make Brazil a freer place. We wish her the best in her future!

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