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SFL’s Charter Teams program seeks to build the student movement for liberty around the world by identifying, training, and supporting the strongest student leaders of liberty in areas currently underserved by SFL. In particular, the Charter Teams Program is for students in areas not currently served by an SFL student executive board: Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Brazil, Europe, North America, the Spanish Speaking Americas, and South Asia.

All students selected to the Charter Teams Program undergo a 2-month online training program with readings and online seminars on the philosophy of liberty and management techniques. This training will educate Charter Team members in the best practices SFL has developed over the years to effectively create a student movement for liberty in new areas. Once the online training program is completed, Charter Teams will begin to start student groups at their own schools and schools nearby, run events that educate others on the meaning of liberty, and seek to identify other pro-liberty students in their areas. Charter Teams and the individual members will achieve success in building the student movement for liberty by creating long-lasting, meaningful mechanisms of supporting pro-liberty students. Programs Associate Daniel Issing will work with all Charter Team members to develop a strategy to grow the student movement for liberty. Please contact Daniel at [email protected] with any questions about the Charter Teams program.

We are accepting applicants primarily from the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Asia (excluding South Asia which has it’s own executive board).



  • Charter Teams members have successfully started SFL regional Executive Boards in Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Brazil, the Spanish Speaking Americas, and South Asia. The Executive Boards that followed the Charter Teams program provide sustainable leadership structures for larger investments and activities to promote liberty.
  • 97 Charter Team members started student groups in 29 countries spanning 5 continents during the 2013-2014 term.
  • Estudiantes Por La Libertad Ecuador, founded by three Charter Team members, won the prestigious SFL Student Group of the Year award at the 2013 International SFL Conference in Washington, DC.
  • Charter Team members ran conferences with at least 50 students in Ecuador, Venezuela, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria.
  • Charter Team members from Nigeria went on to plan and organize the first ever SFL West African Regional Conference in July 2013. The conference drew 352 attendees.
  • In Guatemala, Armenia, Georgia and Nigeria, Charter Teams members hosted successful leadership fora with at least 12 attendees to discuss leadership in the student movement for liberty.
  • Essay Contests on liberty received at least 20 student submissions in Nigeria, India, and Armenia.
  • Full translations of major SFL handbooks and trainings were made into Spanish, Portuguese, and Armenian, among other languages.
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