The Gold Standard


We are delighted to share with you our new magazine, The Gold Standard. To be available in hard-copy at O-Week across Australian and New Zealand universities, it is a collection of works from Australian and Kiwi students, academics and activists about liberty, covering diverse disciplines, viewpoints and perspectives.

Our first edition features a range of students and distinguished figures in the liberty movement, such as economist Dr. Mikayla Novak, entrepreneur and writer Peter Fenwick, and philosopher Dr. Jamie Whyte. Articles include:

    Privatising Marriage – Andie Moore
    The Time for VSU is Now – Will Joseph
    Open Borders: Economically Beneficial, Morally Virtuous – Dr. Mikayla Novak
    Pokemon Go: A Win for Free Markets – Adrian Morris
    Lose the Lord’s Prayer – Chris Ashton
    How to Rule: A Statist’s Guide – Austen Erickson
    Is Distributive Justice Fair? – Peter Fenwick
    Thank You For Smoking – Charise Mitchell
    Social Solidarity Doesn’t Require Taxation – Dr. Jamie Whyte
… as well as updates on ANZSFL’s work and excerpts from libertarian literary classics.

Simply enter in your email in this Google Form, and get access to the first edition! We hope you enjoy.
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