Oya Flemr

Oya Flemr

Bio: Oya is a Computer Engineer who studied in Istanbul-Turkey. Worked at the biggest corporations as IT sales manager. After many years of the corporate system slavery, she decided corporate life is not for her, she got her yoga certificate and started her own yoga classes for the foreigner community in Czech Republic. Oya lives in Prague-Czech Republic last 9 years.

The idea of liberty was always a big topic for her, but the need for liberty highlightened when she has found out healthcare freedom is a big issue in Czech Republic. When she was pregnant, she has realized only the doctors can decide for her own birth, not herself, and this was not resonating with her. And this drove her to build a community to help the moms and the empower the moms to fight for their medical rights for medical freedom. She still tries to spread this message to her community.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Ayn Rand

On Students For Liberty: “As a spiritual libertarian, I can not express my gratitude to be a part of SFL. A free future is what I want to give to my daughter and I think this is the right place to find likeminded people who value freedom as much as I do…”