Ibrahim Anoba

Ibrahim Anoba

Bio: Ibrahim is a researcher in the Political Economic Affairs of African states with interests in African Culture and Philosophy. Prior to joining SFL, he was formerly the Executive Director of ALOD Policy in Lagos. He is known for his critical opinions about the aid policies of international creditors in Africa, some of which have appeared in The Daily Caller, TownHall, Yahoo, Business Insider, and Gazeta do Povo. His works have also been cited by policy groups including Transparency International and the Chr. Michelsen Institute.

Ibrahim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Olabisi Onabanjo University and professional qualifications in Think Tank Management, Strategic Communications and Market-Based Management.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Friedrich Hayek, Peter Boettke, Jeffrey Miron

On Students For Liberty: Students for Liberty is the future of the global freedom movement. The amount of dedication each team member puts toward winning new minds for the freedom movement, especially at one of the most trying times for liberty is beyond important. This group is saving the oldest human tradition and it is evident in the growing number of its students network, who are making positive impacts in the most remote places one can ever imagine. It is a remarkable crop of leaders and there cannot be a greater honor than being a part of it.