Jan Tichý

Jan Tichý

On Students For Liberty Europe:

“The most amazing and most interesting organization I have ever met. And people as well. You can be libertarian without ESFL. But ESFL makes you a better person and better advocate of liberty, it connects you with other amazing people and helps you to make sure, that liberty is on the rise!”

Position: Senior Local Coordinator

Country/State: Czech Republic

School: Brno University of Technology

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Jan graduated from Municipal Engineering at the Brno University of Technology. He wrote an award-winning thesis on Decentralization of the Urban Planning Process in the Czech Republic and focuses on Urban Planning and Mass Transport Systems and their legal framework across Europe. Another interest is macroeconomics, especially monetary and tax systems, as well as the private provision of public goods.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Murray Rothbard, F. A. Hayek, Benjamin Franklin, Christopher Alexander, Jane Jacobs, Jan Gehl