Moshe Gorin

Moshe Gorin

“A great opportunity to meet liberty-minded individuals from around the world, from each other we learn the best skills and ways to make the world a better and freer place.”

Position: Local Coordinator

Country/State: Israel

School: Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Moshe is a student of Social Work and Sociology. His interest in these fields originates from his will to help those around him, while also being able to recognize wider social issues and address them. When he graduates he wants to become an agent of change in people’s lives, giving them the tools and skills needed in order to improve their lives by themselves. Moshe joined ESFL because he believes every person should have control over his own life, and should be free to choose his own destiny. He aspires to promote the ideas of self-ownership and liberty not only in his personal life, but also as a future caregiver with those that can gain the most from these concepts.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Friedrich Nietzsche, Frederic Bastiat.