Olufemi Ogunjobi

Olufemi Ogunjobi

Oluwafemi Ogunjobi graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria in 2014, and he is a committed advocate for liberty. He came across Students For Liberty in Lagos, Nigeria, through Alexander McCobin who gave him one of Tom Palmer’s books: ‘Politicians, Dependence, and The Bubble That Broke The World Economy’. There, he invited him to the 2013 West African Students For Liberty Regional Conference at the University of Ibadan.

Reading through the gift, Oluwafemi was moved by Palmer’s first introductory paragraph where he wrote: ‘‘Young people today are being robbed. Of their rights. Of their freedom. Of their futures. The culprits? My generation and our predecessors, who either created or failed to stop the world-straddling engine of theft, degradation, manipulation, and social control we call the welfare state.’’

This spurred his interest to study more, and join the network in promoting the ideas that lead to a freer society. Early 2014, he co-founded a chapter of African Liberty Students Organization (ALSO) alongside four colleagues on campus. He has helped in spreading the ideas of liberty through frequent articles in national dailies and international blogs, and also through discussion panels and book fairs.

A freelance journalist and Editor, he is Nigeria’s Correspondent to Commonwealth, where he shares ideas with young minds from across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the Pacific.

Ogunjobi, a Young Voices Advocates, is also a Guest Contributor on World Review, a global media that provides analysis and insights on world affairs, written by leading global experts in politics, economics, defense & security and energy.

Favourite figures of liberty: Ayn Rand, Frederic Bastiat, George Ayittey.

On Students For Liberty: ‘’Since I came in contact with SFL in July 2013, I have been able to understand the connection between free markets, liberty, and as well the creation of a character that makes a free society work’’