Prashant Garg

Prashant Garg

“ESFL is an important support system for me because it has widened my network in terms of Liberty supporters and provided me with resources that have enabled a smoother establishment of a libertarian group in Cardiff.”

Position: Local Coordinator

Country/State: Wales

School: Cardiff University

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Prashant is final year undergraduate economics student at Cardiff University, UK. After his graduation he wants to advance to a masters and then a PhD in economics. Prashant joined ESFL because he wanted to start a libertarian student society in Cardiff, which is a majorly left-wing university. This is an opportunity rather than a problem for him because it gives him a relatively larger pool of potential converts.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Milton Friedman is by far my favourite influence because he is both an astute economist and an avid advocate of liberty. Hayek is another one, who introduced me to the Austrian school of economics.