Teklemariam Bekit

Teklemariam Bekit 

SFL Africa

A successful effort in getting SFL on the map in Eritrea

Teklemariam Bekit is a Member of the African Executive Board at Students for Liberty. He is the founder of Eritrean Students for Liberty which he formed in 2015 to reach out to the Eritrean and Ethiopian Refugees and Immigrants living in Kenya.

On June 24, 2017 Bekit hosted a full day seminar on Liberty & Free Society from the Eritrean Perspective. The Seminar was hosted at the Tangaza University, Nairobi Kenya and attracted 42 participants from the Eritrean, Kenyan and the South Sudanese communities. Presentations were made on Freedom and the Role of Government, The Institution of a Free Society and Toleration by various speakers among them Teklemariam Bekit, Linda Kavuka, Andreas and Rita Mazzocchi.

Through his hard work and efforts, what began as a gathering of 7, has now grown to a full room of participants due to the insights and discourses shared as the forums and the revelations about the situation in Eritrea currently ignored by Africa and the rest of the world.

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