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For Students

SFL is not a top down, chapter based, membership organization. Instead, SFL functions as a network of pro-liberty students from a wide diversity of locations and backgrounds. We work with an array of student organizations across the many ideological positions within the philosophy of liberty. These include Young Americans for Liberty chapters, Students For Liberty groups, College Libertarians clubs, free speech clubs, economics clubs, Objectivist societies, and any other group that supports an idea or cause of liberty.

No matter what your group’s specific name is, SFL is here to help anyone promoting a free society. Check out our Activism and Academy resources to learn about SFL’s resources and programs, such as our Campus Coordinator Program for current students.

For Alumni

The fight for for a free society does not end at graduation, which is why SFL makes a point of engaging with our alumni and supporters. All of SFL’s events are open to the public, such as our 50+ Regional Conferences across the world and our keynote International Students For Liberty Conference. Our Young Voices public relations program is available for aspiring political pundits and policy analysts. But, most importantly, Alumni For Liberty is our main vehicle for providing exclusive event and career opportunities to our supporters.

For Student Groups

Though we are not a chapter based organization, we do have many other nationally organized groups or independently organized student groups in our network. We want to allow student leaders to have more control over their groups and their branding, while still being connected to really great resources.

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