Students For Liberty is not a top down, chapter based, membership organization.
Instead we are a network, or a forum of support, for pro-liberty students across North America and the world. While we don’t have dues-paying members or official Students For Liberty chapters, we do have individuals and groups apart of our network using our premier activist training and resources.



We want to be able to help all kinds of groups with their fight for freedom. As a big tent organization, we will support an ideologically diverse set of groups that align on certain topics. This means that we can support College Libertarians, College Republicans, and College Democrats. Our resources are open to all.


Signing up for our group network will give
you access to the following perks:

More perks will be released throughout the year
GroupNetwork_SubPagePhotosActivism KitsHOVER_GroupNetwork_SubPagePhotosActivism Kits
Group activism kits for free speech, economic liberty,
anti-war advocacy, or civil liberties.
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Access to our Virtual Speakers Bureau which allows you to host professors and experts to speak to your group via a video chat.
GroupNetwork_SubPagePhotosActivism GrantsHOVER_GroupNetwork_SubPagePhotosActivism Grants
Activism grants up to $250.
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Self ControlSelf ControlHover
We're making Dr. Tom G. Palmer's Self Control or State Control available year-round for pro-liberty activists.
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Movie ScreeningsHover_Movie Screenings
Check out some of these screening opportunities as possibilities to educate your campus community about pro-liberty issues in a relaxed and fun way.
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Peace, Love, Liberty. It's an SFL motto that encapsulates the character of Students For Liberty's network, and our leaders. Rather than trying to force pro-freedom ideas on people, we seek to show them the clear advantages of a libertarian society. Freedom is naturally appealing, and every day is an opportunity to lead by example – these posters can help!

Most people say "Don't Tread on Me" – at SFL we say "Don't Tread on Anyone" – meaning that the liberty of others affects our own rights and freedoms. The more we tolerate others' individuality and rights, the more they will tolerate ours. And everyone's better off in a free and respectful society. Order your "Don't Tread" poster now!


If you have any questions about our group resources, please contact Nate Baker at [email protected].